Letter to Waco Police Chief re: protesters

     Update: This morning (2/15/2017) at 7:50 a.m., I received a call from Waco Police Chief Ryan Holt, who relayed that he had read the letter, they were working on related matters internally, and that he fully expected what happened to have been a one-time occurrence. He identified Assistant Chief Mark Norcross as someone those planning protests might choose to contact in advance to address logistics and avoid the potential for misunderstandings going forward. –David


One thought on “Letter to Waco Police Chief re: protesters

  1. Thank you David Shleicher for your efforts to defend our right to freedom of speech, freedom to assemble and the freedom to peacefully protest.
    I am hopeful that Waco law enforcement will receive training and avoid further confusing and obstructing of citizens choosing to exercise their rights protected under the US Constitution and The Bill of Rights.

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