The skewed views of David R. Schleicher await your comment, after a pause for thought.

If you readily can predict what will be said here about a given subject, then The Contranym has failed its mission.  Occasionally you will read something here and think “surely this must be a joke”–in those instances you are probably correct.  On the other hand, if you think everything here, or nothing here, is satire, then you are kidding yourself.

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What is a contranym anyway?  A word that can mean two opposite things, depending on context.  For example, “oversight” can mean preventing a mistake, or it can be a mistake that is made. The word’s use here captures the effort to see multiple sides of an issue.

David R. Schleicher is an attorney licensed in DC and Texas who practices mostly business and employment law.  The firm’s websites ares at www.TheFirmForFeds.com (mirrored at www.TheFirmForBiz.com) and at www.ThisLawFirm.com.

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David (during service on the School Board) at his daughter’s high school graduation. Photo: Waco Trib



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